From moor to sea – the life of an outdoor writer in Devon

Devon is definitely a beautiful place to visit but for me, it is also the perfect place to base myself for my outdoor writing. I discovered a long time ago that, in order to write about being outside (and keep a successful outdoor blog going) I needed to spend as much time under the sky as possible. My writing, even when it isn’t about the outdoors, is stimulated by my time outdoors. Whether I am writing a children’s book or investigating the latest thing in business apps for a client, the outdoors is as necessary to me as coffee, frilly knickers and soap operas are to other people (not that I have any objections to coffee!) Here’s how I make getting outside and copywriting in Devon work together.

  1. I get up early and head for the beach. For me, the sea isn’t just about the cold water wake-up, the stimulation of morning light, the crispness of winter ozone and that half land/half water view you only get from swimming all stimulate my creativity.
  2. When the writing stops flowing I sneak out into the garden. A quick potter around the greenhouse or 10 minutes of ‘slipper gardening’, can make the most sluggish of articles babble forth. (Can slugs babble?)
  3. I collect firewood from the local copse. This one is a double whammy, not only do I get to enjoy that unique woodland scent and the thrust of my pruning saw, I come home with the perfect excuse to light the wood burner and work in its cosy glow.
  4. I find some trees and hang in my hammock. I am convinced that my award-winning novel idea will finally come to me when I am swinging gently from the trees. It hasn’t yet but I believe in practice.
  5. I move my mobile office up onto Dartmoor. Working from my campervan has become a frequent part of my weekly routine. The wide views, peaty smells and ever changing landscape of the moors are very special and never fail to stimulate.

As a freelance copywriter, I have to be prepared to write on any topic but outdoor writing is my first love.

I have Devon to thank for that.

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