How to Write – 5 Different Types of Blog Post

How many times have you waited for blog post inspiration to arrive, only to find that the blankness of your mind is reflected on the page in front of you? Writers’ block is as common in bloggers as it is in all authors but help is at hand. We have 5 different types of blog post that will keep your blogging head thinking and your blog writing flowing.

Write a listicle

People who say they hate lists are lying when it comes to blog reading. Lists make popular posts because they give key information in the quickest possible written form. The listicle is a development of the list. Create a list, explain each list item, then add a pithy or intriguing introduction and conclusion.

Write How-To Guides

These days you can learn to do pretty much anything on the internet, which means that there is a keen audience out there for instruction type information. People want to learn how to do things, without necessarily having to do them. That’s where how-to guides come in.

Interview Someone

For blogging purposes, interviewing doesn’t have to be a long-winded, face-to-face affair. Send a polite email introducing yourself to an industry expert and then ask if they mind answering a few written questions. Keep the questions short but interesting and you will have the basis of a popular blog post.

Make a News Comment

A wise writer always keeps up to date with news breakthroughs in their niche. Being the first to comment on a piece of news enhances your ‘expert’ status and gives people plenty of reason to respond. Don’t forget to look out for trending social media hashtags to boost your readership.

Review Something

You don’t have to be an established influencer to review a piece of kit, gadgetry or even an experience. Get into the habit of considering the pros and cons of your purchases and committing what you find to writing. Write enough reviews and sooner or later someone will approach you with an incentive to write one for them.


The important thing to remember about establishing your own blog is that you need to stand out from the crowd. Using a range of blogging techniques can help you to do this. Just remember not to use any of them too often and risk boring your audience.

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