International Women’s Day 2019 – 5 reasons women make the best bloggers

The quest for excellent blog writing has not lost its momentum and it has to be said that there are some great blogs out there. I find that most of my favourite blogs make me laugh, teach me something new and are written by women. It was the last item in this list that made me wonder whether or not women actually made better bloggers than men. Here are my 5 (tongue in cheek) reasons to suggest that they do…

1. Women are great persuaders

Some might call it ‘nagging’, others might switch off to it altogether, but it has to be said that most of us women have ways and means of persuading people to take notice of what we say. This can, presumably, be translated onto the blog page.

2. Women love writing lists

Some of my best blog writing has been done in the form of listicles (articles that contain a list). This is almost certainly due to the fact that, if I haven’t written a list for an occasion, it is usually doomed to failure. This is a listicle… in case you hadn’t noticed!

3. Women are great multi taskers

I know! I know! The gender stereotypes are coming thick and fast here. However, although science has suggested that none of us can, in fact, perform more than one task at a time, the more consistent your content delivery, the better. I can’t remember details but I am sure that I have written posts in my head while making the dinner, digging the garden and brushing my teeth. In fact, I quite often wander off to find the laptop with the toothbrush still in my mouth!

4. Women like hats and know how to wear them

To be a good blogger, especially if you want to be able to blog for other people and on different topics, you need to be able to wear lots of different hats (often on the same day). These hats are metaphorical but, if you are typing all day after your morning dip in the sea, a nice bobble hat can keep you warm at your desk.

5. Women don’t mind asking for directions

I am not talking here about the debate around men refusing to stop and ask for directions but there is often a fair amount of ‘asking for help’ involved in blog writing. For example, using a grammar website will help you to understand how to use punctuation, emailing an expert will stop you from making a fool of yourself and asking someone to read an article through for you if you are not sure about it is a jolly good idea!

So there you go girls (controversial statement coming up)…

In general we women are not better at throwing heavy things long distances, understanding exactly what a petaflop is or lighting fires but we are good at writing and have been for a long time, even back in the days when we had to pretend to be men!

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