Fiona’s Corona Diaries (10th April)

Is it still okay to laugh?

Is anyone else slipping between hysterical laughter and deep concern with as much disconcerting ease as I am? Never before have I experienced such a wide variety of emotions, and so often in one day. Yesterday was a key example. I had an enormous amount of fun promoting and joining in with the GetOutside Inside Step Up Challenge, recording videos and getting soaked with a hosepipe by my son. But I also had some worrying news about a loved one.

I am hoping that it is still okay to laugh (it will have to always be okay to cry) and have been reading about wartime humour (a lovely article here about English satire being blasted onto German airwaves). It would appear that British humour has helped us through dark times before.

None of the usual updates today but I have been experimenting with language (usually when I am supposed to be asleep). It has occurred to me that both ‘corona’ and ‘covid’ are ripe for a bit of dictionary adjustment…

“I am feeling a bit covidy today.”

“That was really covidious queuing, they were definitely not two metres apart.”

“Look out, I feel a corona coming on.”

“It’s okay I had it ages ago, I’m not coronious any more.”

“I think I sat next to a coronial on the bus today.”

“Covid… Covid… does anyone know why Covid is barking?”

Stay safe everyone


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