Fiona’s Corona Diaries (20th April)

The thief of days

Benjamin Franklin once said that time was money. He was so wrong…

Has anyone else just lost ten whole days?

Mine have I think disappeared into the greenhouse and been absorbed by my seedlings; most of whom are now behaving like toddlers. They are fighting for space, making a fuss about being thirsty and having a competition to see who can get the most nibbled by the slugs. I am starting to think that the slugs might be doing me a favour because, amongst others, I have around 30 tomato plants, at least 48 sweet pepper babies and seven gherkin plants. My neighbour and I are eagerly waiting to see if we are right in our assumption that gherkins are really just very small cucumbers.

Corona diary updates

  • I’ve definitely found the optimal route between our house and the beach
  • My daily exercise now involves an early morning walk through town
  • Torquay is a bit post-apocalyptic at the best of times
  • One day there was a particularly disturbing evacuation message playing
  • It followed me for the length of the high street
  • I’m now in the process of making my own post-apocalyptic movie
  • I’m using snippets of my daily walks
  • It’s very short
  • We’ve collectively become the Covid Fairy
  • The Covid Fairy delivers daily non-car treats to a loved one
  • This delivery usually involves a piece of string and a clothes peg
  • It often involves biscuits and cakes
  • But once it consisted of two roast potatoes and a slice of ham
  • Yesterday the Fairy delivered (on request) red lentils
  • The loved one appears to be on the mend
  • My stress levels aren’t… yet

Conversation of the week

I am in the garden, Mr D is in the spare room upstairs. I dial his mobile number…

Mr Darby: Hello this is the top floor

Me: Hello top floor, this is the garden. Is it time for elevenses yet?

Mr Darby: Hello garden. Yes, I’ll be along in a moment.

We may be taking this ‘pretend to be at the office’ thing a bit too far…

Word of the week – opportunity

Whoever thought of printing ‘stand here’ stickers was very clever and definitely took advantage of an opportunity. I have no problem with this but can you imagine the confusion that would ensue if all the high street shops had them?

Only if the shops were open of course…


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