The new travel writing – extreme lockdown locations

All summer the possibility of a second national lockdown has loitered lugubriously. But the official command to hide away has now been given. Most of us know when, where, how and with whom to lock ourselves away for the next month. But just imagine for a moment. If ‘away from people’ was your absolutely favourite place to go, where would you choose? We have a few  extreme lockdown location suggestions for the South West of England.

(NB Just in case you thought these were serious… they’re not!)

Travel writing during lockdown

‘Lockdown travel writer’ might be oxymoronic, and tricky to include on a CV but I think, unlike my campervan, it currently has mileage. Like ‘new normal’, ‘new travel’ doesn’t yet exist. A good travel writer however never gives up. So here I go with my  extreme lockdown list (like Top Trumps but nothing at all to do with overseas elections).

ELL1 – Bleak House – Dartmoor

Two Blondes Walking

Nearest pub – 3.5 km, boggy

Accommodation style – has walls

Activity options – stargazing

Good to know – you’ll need a compass to find it


ELL2 – The Cheesewring – Bodmin

Flickr Richard Szwejkowski

Nearest pub – 2 km, miners’ track

Accommodation style – lumpy, no walls

Activity options rock climbing (not really optional)

Good to know – cheese not included


ELL3 – Wolf Rock Lighthouse – Land’s End

Flickr Tom Reading

Nearest pub – 6 km, rough water

Accommodation style – automated

Activity options – staring at the sea

Good to know – has its own helipad


ELL4 – Crazy Well Pool – Dartmoor

Two Blondes Walking

Nearest pub – 3 km across a marsh

Accommodation style – grassy

Activity options – midnight swimming

Good to know – occasional ice


ELL5 – Berry Head – Torbay

Two Blondes Walking

Nearest pub – 1 km, woodland walk

Accommodation style – Napoleonic fort

Activity options – cliff diving

Good to know – Cold War bunker also available

So there we have it; five lockdown locations that really would test your determination to remain alone, outdoors and probably soaking wet. As for me? Well I’ll be staying at home, and working out what exactly ‘new travel’ is. I’ll keep you posted!

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