Ten blog post ideas to bring visitors to your hospitality business website

Congratulations. You’ve upgraded your hospitality business website. The images are fabulous, bookings run smoothly, clients have all the information they need.

But you’re still not getting enough website visitors

That’s because there are so many hospitality websites out there. Not only are you up against your biggest, glossiest competitors, you’re also fighting for recognition from Google.

So what can you do?

Well, there are all kinds of complicated website optimisation options out there. There’s paid advertising, local business listings, local review management, and competitor monitoring. To name a few.

You haven’t got time for all that?

We’re not surprised. You’d probably need a marketing manager and SEO expert to get on top of all of it. However there’s one easy thing you can do. Something that will improve your ranking on Google, at the same time as making sure your website is really inviting and useful for visitors.

You can start blogging.

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Blogging is a form of inbound marketing. In other words, it brings people to your website, sometimes because they’re looking for something else.

Still don’t get it?

Here’s an example. You’re a fantastic beach cafe in a great location. Existing customers, who know and love you visit your website to find out the latest menus or this week’s guest band. Then they pop in for a meal.

But what about all those other potential customers? The people who don’t know you yet? How do they discover you?

Should you wave a flag?

Perhaps. In fact blogging can be a bit like that. The idea is to make your website useful or attractive to potential customers by answering their questions, or hooking them in with interesting news and comments.

Will blogs improve your Google rank?

They will over time. The Google algorithms like websites that are regularly updated. Also, as a general rule, Google gives a higher rank to websites that visitors find valuable and interesting.

As well as that, by telling followers about your blog posts on social media, you give people a really good reason to click through to your website.

Does writing a blog take lots of time?

That depends on how often you post. It really is up to you. Once a month is great but more frequent posting brings quicker results.

The most important thing to remember is you don’t have to write the blog posts yourself. You might have a member of staff who’s interested in marketing, or you can pay an agency or copywriter to do the job for you.

But how do you get blog ideas?

That’s what this article’s all about. We’ve got plenty of ideas for hospitality blog posts below for you. All you need to do is select the ones you think are relevant to your customers or marketing requirements.

Here we go with our top ten hospitality blog suggestions.

1. Answer frequently asked questions

Everyone loves a good FAQ so be creative with this one. Think about answering questions your customers might ask but also use this one as an opportunity to showcase your best bits.

2. Tell local stories and legends

People like to build mental connections with the places they visit. There are plenty of options with this one. Opt for traditional legends, share a bit of local history, or even introduce some interesting local characters.

3. Explain your area’s quirks

What is it about the place you live that makes you smile every time you hear it? Here in Devon we like to argue about the jam and cream on our scones. Trust us, it’s a great conversation starter.

4. Promote forthcoming events

This isn’t just an opportunity to let the world know what’s going to be happening at your place. Wider local, and even national events can bring in the crowds, and the website interest. Don’t forget about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee later this year!

5. Run photo competitions

In the age of Instagram, these are always popular. Topics can be as broad as ‘best holiday selfie’ or as niche as ‘how I eat my crabby chips’. Offer small prizes in return for permission to use the photos.

6. Set up some staff interviews

Hospitality’s all about making people feel welcome. And what better way to do that than by introducing key members of staff. A friendly face goes a long way, especially if you know what that face likes to eat for lunch.

7. Flow with the seasons

For the hospitality business, changing seasons can present problems. Why not maximise on seasonal potential, with blog posts created to highlight each season’s advantage. Windy walking routes and hot chocolate on winter days, best local beaches and gin on the terrace for summer evenings.

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8. Highlight your best bits

Every hospitality business has at least one USP. It might be your super-helpful staff, your local produce suppliers, or your growing eco-credentials. It could even be your dog-friendly status. Whatever it is that makes you stand out, you can be sure a potential customer will be searching for it. So get writing!

9. Share a few chef’s recipes

How many times have you dined out, and wondered if you could recreate the food? We’re not suggesting your chef shares all their secrets here but a few exciting ideas always go down well. Try to choose recipes people might be searching for, as well as the ones you really like to munch.

10. Highlight your successes

You and your staff get plenty of things right so why not shout about your triumphs. If you’ve had a series of great reviews, helped a customer out, raised money for charity, or even received an award, your blog post is the perfect place to tell everybody about it.

Short on time? Let us write your blog posts for you

So there we have it. Ten great blog post titles for hospitality businesses. Once you get going, you’ll be surprised how many more creative ideas you come up with.

If you really don’t have time though, no need to panic. At Fi Darby Freelance we’ve got years of experience writing blog posts for all kinds of businesses. Our specialities though are outdoor and travel.

Which kind of makes us a perfect match with your hospitality business.

Get in touch today to find out more about our copywriting and blog writing services.

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