Can I do yoga here? In my very small campervan?

Greta our Toyota Granvia campervan is our only vehicle. Unless you count Mr D’s much used bikes and my often aching legs. This means that she is a touch on the small side. Compact you might say.

Or on a rainy day, squashed.

I’ve discovered it doesn’t take too many days travelling and living in a small van with no pop-top, a tiny bed, and unusual seats to find yourself feeling a bit on the hunched side.

And a touch more achy than usual.

Which was why, on our recent (and fabulous) road trip to Wales, I found myself in need of a bit of campervan yoga.

Which as it turns out, wasn’t as difficult as I imagined.

I had, at the last minute, packed a yoga mat but my initial yoga efforts were all inside the van. Mostly because, being on public campsites, I was initially shy about outdoor yoga practice.

Walking and yoga

In our van the only flat area is the bed.

So most mornings, while Mr D wandered off to peruse the campsite facilities, I did a few seated yoga poses. The ceiling stopped play on any tall stretches so I stuck to seated forward folds, cobbler’s pose and some almost-half lotuses.

But I needed to stretch too.

So eventually, on a near-empty campsite, at the very end of the Llyn Peninsula, I found the courage to take my yoga outside.

It was fabulous.

In fact it was the most fun yoga I’ve ever done. Partly because I chose my own poses (even a little flow) but also because it felt so natural. I imagine yoga had its origins outside. The bird song and gentle breeze certainly added to the meditative element of the experience.

Although I did stop to take some photos.

I thought you might enjoy them. They are making me smile now I’m back at home.

Mostly because I used to laugh at women doing outdoor yoga.

I’m not going to do that any more!

If you’re looking for a great yoga practice to stretch you out after travelling, I just tried Adriene’s Yoga for Travel. I can definitely recommend it.


Taking my menopause outdoors

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