Marketing is all about selling the dream. Whether that is the dream of a star destination, the dream of a new gadget or the dream of a delicious meal, successful online sales depend on website success and website success depends on quality content.

At Fi Darby Freelance we offer a comprehensive range of freelance copywriting and editing services. This could include blog posts, web articles, downloadable resources and product descriptions.

We believe that all writing should be both beautiful and purposeful. In the case of web copy, this means that the use of current SEO practices (for example industry keywords) should always be carefully balanced against skilled writing that is a pleasure to read. This is not easy to achieve, but at Fi Darby Freelance we have a wealth of experience in developing balanced copy that clients are proud to include in their marketing toolkit.

For a friendly hand or a quote with blog posts, web articles, copywriting, proof reading, editing or any other writing services please contact us.