Internet Abbreviations for Business

Imagine a world where everything we said had a word or character limit on it. We wouldn’t stop talking, we would just develop our own language and our own system of abbreviations. This is, of course, exactly what has happened with social media but with the overspill of internet abbreviations for business into general job parlance, it pays to keep ahead of internet jargon and internet contractions. To help you avoid getting your UV mixed up with your UI or, IMHO worse still, your UTI, we have some of the key internet abbreviations for business (plus a few entertaining extras FYI) DFTBA!!

NBDNo Big Deal (as in, ‘It doesn’t really matter’ as opposed to, ‘I didn’t get the sale’.)

FYIFor Your Information (also translated as, ‘You had better read this or else!’)

CTACall To Action. Kind of like an old-fashioned bugle call but no battles here, just instructions at the end of a piece of text on how to spend your money!

FIFO – No giants or fee-fi-fo-fum here, just an inventory phrase meaning First In First Out or, ‘Use the old ones first’.

101Basic Knowledge. For example a blog post such as this might be an Internet Abbreviations 101

HTHHappy To Help. Almost certainly even when you aren’t!

B2B and B2CBusiness to Business or Business to Consumer. Quite simple really, you are a business and you (hopefully) either sell things to other businesses or you sell them to consumers (customers).

ROI – Nothing to do with French kings, Return On Investment is all about money.

OOO – Not necessarily on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but this one does mean Out Of Office, so who knows!

THx – A lazy way of saying thank you but more acceptable than, ‘Ta’.

NRNNo Reply Necessary. You could read this two ways, either the sender is being considerate or you are expected to resist argument!

MTFBWY – If you are a Star Wars fan you will get this one straight away, if, like me, you are not, you will never want to use it anyway.

MTWTFSS – I will leave you to work this one out yourself… my favourite are the last two!




How to become a great influencer in 2019

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How a freelance copywriter found business support in Devon

My fondness for my career as a freelance copywriter in Devon has been well documented. I love the research (particularly if it takes me outside), I love the learning (writing on new topics is great for that) and I love the writing. Over the last few months however, I have recognised an issue in my approach to business. I have no problems allocating copious amounts of time to activities that are direct money-bringers but feel a measure of guilt if I syphon any of this precious time over to business-building. There is a historical reason for this, when I first needed to make my writing pay, I set myself a ‘jobs priority’ list that put ‘paid work’ at the top and ‘business growth’ nowhere at all.

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Words I don’t like… but, as a copywriter, sometimes have to use

I have friend who strongly objects to the words ‘juxtaposition’ and ‘moist’. Her objection to the latter is so strong that she has been known to tell people off for using it, but she is not alone, my research suggests that, as a nation, we prefer our vocabulary desiccated rather than clammy. We all have them, the words that irritate, grating on our nerves whenever we hear, read or (God forbid) say them. As a copywriter I have to be prepared to write about anything (well nearly anything) and use vocabulary that will be appreciated by my target audience. This has led me to some conflict and the occasional trip to the confessional (in the form of my husband) to admit my guilt. Here are my three most disliked word-rant words.

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Talking to myself… creativity or a touch of madness?

My name is Fi and I talk to myself.

Well, to be honest, I talk mostly to inanimate objects and reserve self-talk for those occasions when I need a good telling off (obviously I am the only person allowed to criticise me). Recent conversations have included a remonstration with the sea when it surreptitiously lapped a wave onto the prom and over the tops of my trainers, words of gratitude to the trees that had been holding up my hammock for the night and a discussion with a crow that was trying to eat chewing gum.

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Get your balaclavas out it’s January again! Winter words for 2019

Copywriting in Devon perhaps allows for more outdoor time than most jobs. Ever optimistic, I spent an hour or so this morning searching for signs of spring. I spotted a few (they come early to Devon) but am predicting a wintery blast or two before the spring warm up (last year we had snow on the beaches in February). As January is officially the middle of winter, I thought we might have a bit of fun today with a few useful (and not so useful) winter words. Do let me know if you have a favourite of your own.

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So what exactly did Mary do with all that myrrh?

Myrrh is almost as difficult to spell as (brocolli), (broccolli), broccoli and is nowhere as nutritious or convertible into breast milk as that green vegetable. I have often wondered what Mary did with the gifts that those Wise Men brought her baby son.

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Hot or cold? A chilly lesson about chillies

Homophones are words that sound like each other but have different spellings and different meanings. One common issue is the dreaded, ‘their, there and they’re’ but this year I have been bugged by a more unusual example. I have been writing about the fun I have had growing, cooking and preserving my own chillies and have found myself becoming confused in my writing between  the country, the sea temperature and the small, fiery fruit. Here is my quick guide to chilli homophones to help you avoid swimming in an overheated sea and eating tasteless Mexican dishes.

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Frankly-incensed by Christmas spelling mistakes? We have a few helpful turkey tips…

For many of us, Christmas is one of the few times in the year when we pick up a pen and remember that handwriting exists. This is great and no doubt good for us but, after a year in the company of spellcheckers and predictive text, it can be hard work grappling with Christmas wordage. We have a few Christmas spelling and grammar tips for you so that your stables remain steady, your mangers don’t go mangey and your holly and ivy behave.

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