Peel the acorns and pass the mulberries

Mr D recently accused me (in humorous tones) of feeding him acorns. He’s not far wrong because I’ve developed a somewhat disconcerting (even to me) habit of including as many strange locally foraged edibles as possible into our diet.

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My food forest garden (September 2021)

For the freelancer, gardening is a great hobby. Fitting smoothly into those shorter between-jobs moments, it also allows for panic-growing when the longer ones hit.

Jam making – Fi Darby

However, I have to be honest here and admit that the, ‘If I can’t afford to buy food, I’ll have to grow it!‘ approach is all very well but only (in my garden) if you can live comfortably on blueberries, spinach, and chives.

Which is why I am fast becoming a rather unconventional gardener.

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