Fiona’s Corona Diaries (10th April)

Is it still okay to laugh?

Is anyone else slipping between hysterical laughter and deep concern with as much disconcerting ease as I am? Never before have I experienced such a wide variety of emotions, and so often in one day. Yesterday was a key example. I had an enormous amount of fun promoting and joining in with the GetOutside Inside Step Up Challenge, recording videos and getting soaked with a hosepipe by my son. But I also had some worrying news about a loved one.

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (8th April)

A dog called Covid?

I wonder how long it is going to be before someone calls their dog Covid. Or even their baby. Perhaps not quite yet but I would lay money on it happening.

I wandered lonely as a cloud today. So did everybody else if my local walk was anything to go by. I chose a different route (past the host of now-less-than-golden daffodils) and a different beach. It was all even more spread out than my usual perambulation. I saw a cormorant. They are such excellent divers; a little bottom lift and down they go. Mind you I suppose that is their day job.

My stroll took me along a wooded path with divergences. I found myself reciting a few favourite poems. Then I started giving them a new Covid style twist…

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (7th April)

Do writers dream in couplets?

My work today has demonstrated the eclectic nature of my freelance life. I made a video of myself walking up and down a single step (three takes because I kept falling over), I filmed a piece to camera (wrong bra but the tripod stood up nicely in the compost) and I have started some technical writing. I didn’t finish the technical writing because I had to make sure I understood it first. This happens to me a lot. Just like it did when I was a teacher. I was once informed by a good teacher friend that all I needed to do was stay one page ahead in the text-book. Great advice except for the fact that, by the time I started teaching, we didn’t have textbooks anymore.

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (6th April)

Today I had some work

As a freelancer I am well used to the boom or bust side of self employed life. This hasn’t stopped me worrying about losing work during the current crisis (a few of my clients are currently struggling themselves). All of which means I was more than a touch relieved when the call to typing action came on Friday. Here are today’s Corona Diary updates…

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (5th April)

Anyone else missing hugging?

My name is Fiona and I am a hugger. In fact I have at tendency to hug, without invitation, at entirely inappropriate moments. I once, at the end of a holiday in Turkey, mistakenly hugged the taxi driver as well as the family to whom I was bidding farewell.

It seems very sad (but very sensible) to not be able to hug people just when they all need it most and (let’s be honest here) when I need it most. Still, here in Devon we seem to be developing a whole new set of social norms. Read on to find out more…

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (4th April)

Image copyright Ordnance Survey 2020

Is the Covid-19 virus really spiky?

Yesterday I went for a walk in the shape of a Covid-19 virus (I am not really sure why).

I feel I need to clarify this. It was the walk that was in the shape of the Covid-19 virus, not me. I wasn’t in fancy dress either, that would have been in very poor taste. You are probably wondering about your own wanderings now (see what I did there?) It is usual on a walk to go from A to B. During a coronavirus pandemic it is more usual to go from A and then back to A. When you are drawing a walk picture, you go from A back to A but visit a certain layout of points in between, all the time tracking your progress on a navigation device (in my case the OS Maps App). Think of it as a dot-to-dot but with more data usage.

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The Corona Diaries (3rd April)

On the topic of hair

I shaved my legs today. A momentous occasion brought about by the realisation that the hair on them had finally become long enough to view from outside my 2-metre exclusion zone. Not that I am likely to see anyone but I once got caught out by breaking an unshaven leg. The resulting sight, after six weeks in plaster, was not pleasing. I wonder if you could grow your leg hair to exactly two metres, it might help with social distance measuring.

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (2nd April)

Christmas housework

Paradise lost? Well perhaps not quite yet but I have today noticed a few hairline cracks in my temper. Unplugging the kettle and ordering the rest of the family out of the kitchen whilst I baked to Woman’s Hour was supposed to restore my matriarchal sanity. In reality it just caused a row. Apparently thirty-year old children want strong coffee at 10 o’clock in the morning, not Shrewsbury biscuits.

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (1st April)

Once-a-day walking

Another day in paradise (thanks Phil). Before I start, please can I check; it is Wednesday isn’t it? Today I made a discovery I should have made years ago. I can walk to the beach from my front door. For a keen walker this is a serious confession but every morning for the last three years I have driven to the sea, had my chilly swim, then driven home again. The irony hasn’t escaped me that it has taken a restriction on time outside to make me want to abandon the car. Twenty minutes down the hill, thirty minutes back up and approximately six minutes in the water (well it’s only just April). Here are today’s Corona Diaries updates…

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (31st March)

Before I start I would like to point out that my use of my ‘telling off’ name  above doesn’t not give anybody (apart from my mother of course) liberty to call me anything other than Fi. It is unfortunate (unless I am writing limericks) to have a name that rhymes with a deadly killer virus but that’s life, and at least my name isn’t Dovid.

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