Copywriting in Devon

Do you need an experienced outdoor writer?

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Outdoor writing

As well as being a sought after outdoor writer, Fi is also an outdoor instructor, teaching navigation and expedition skills to adults and young people. Her first serious forays into outdoor writing were as co-author of the popular outdoor blog Two Blondes Walking. Over ten years later, Two Blondes has grown beyond all expectations.

It’s been so popular that, since Fi launched Fi Darby Freelance in 2015, outdoor writing has been high on her agenda. Fi’s top outdoor clients include the BBC’s Countryfile Magazine, The Outdoor Guide, and mapping giant Ordnance Survey. 2022 has seen Fi investigate the pleasures of ditching the car and embarking on outdoor adventures by train.

Times are changing in the outdoor leisure world. As more people access our green spaces, outdoor writing needs to balance inspiration against sustainability, whilst continuing to deliver practical tips on how to gain confidence and stay safe. Telling the story of a location, and facilitating a relationship with it, is now as important as guiding the traveller through it.

Our aim is to get people outside with as much quality information to hand as possible.

From small hotel to large organisation, from urban streets to countryside fields, the outdoors is the big news on which your publication can’t afford to miss out.

International copywriting in Devon

Outdoor or indoor, online or magazine, factual or inspirational. At Fi Darby Freelance writing is our passion.

We will explore the places, investigate the topics and find the words to make your website or magazine work for you. Fresh, regular and relevant content is what makes today’s marketing tick. Get in touch today to talk to us about all your copywriting needs.

Website copywriting

Quality copywriting isn’t just about saying what you want to say, it also has implications for your SEO. If you want the search engines to pick your pages up, you need copy that combines readability with keyword placement.

The recent introduction of Google’s BERT algorithm has raised the importance of  web copy that exactly meets user expectations. In other words your website needs blog posts and page copy that answer the questions real people are asking.

All this being helpful takes some skill but, luckily for you, at Fi Darby Freelance our years of experience have given us plenty of that.

Blog writing

A regular blog can do so much for your website. It can attract potential customers, keep regular clients interested and up your SEO performance.

Blogs are a great way to demonstrate your marketplace authority and bring in long-term results.

Here at Fi Darby Freelance, travel and the outdoors are our blogging favourites but we regularly write blog posts on just about any topic. Have a look at our portfolio to find out more and get in touch to talk about our competitive blog writing rates.

Content for print

Content for printed media has a different emphasis to writing for the web. For example, web audiences prefer shorter, pithy chunks of text whereas print readers like to settle down for the long read. We understand these differences and have experience writing for both magazines and books.