Why does my website need a blog? – We have 5 reasons

Here at Fi Darby Freelance we have seen first hand the marketing advantages of including a blog on your website. After the question, ‘What is a blog?’ the next thing we are usually asked is, ‘Why would I want a blog on my website?’ We have five important answers below:

  1. A blog allows you to tell your story, to let people in on your company values, to explain what you stand for and, maybe most importantly, to let prospective clients in on your personality. This is important because human nature prefers us to work with people we trust.

2. A blog, particularly one with well-managed commenting, allows you to interact with prospective clients. We all know that making contacts is key to successful marketing. There are lots of ways to do this but blogging is definitely proving to be one of the most successful.

3. A blog builds authority. This goes back to the old saying, ‘Say it with confidence.’ Blogging is an excellent way in which to demonstrate your knowledge. The bottom line is that clients value the confidence they get from employing an expert; your blog is your way of proving that you are that expert.

4. A blog will support and enhance your social media strategies. Social media users are looking for readable, high quality web content. You need to provide that content on your website in order to encourage them to click through.

5. A blog is fabulous for SEO. One of the best ways in which to ensure high rankings with Google is to publish regular, high quality blog posts. Scatter these posts with relevant keywords and long-tail keywords and Google will reward you with more visitors. Blogging will also enable search engines to pick up the context of your posts and direct web traffic accordingly.

Hopefully by now you understand why you should include a blog post on your website and are thinking about how to ensure that this happens soon. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to write posts yourself. Here at Fi Darby Freelance we offer a supportive blog writing service and provide can excellent quality content in a wide variety of niches. Contact us for more information.

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