How to choose your blogging niche

Blog writing within your niche

Most bloggers start blog writing within their niche, in other words writing about a topic that they enjoy and know something about. In my case this blogging niche led to a career as a very successful outdoor blogger and later as a freelance copywriter. Here are my three top tips on how to choose your own blogging niche and maybe end up with your own new blogging career.

Choose your blogging niche carefully

There are 3 important factors to take into account when choosing your blogging niche, here at Fi Darby Freelance we recommend taking some notice of each of them.

  1. What do you enjoy doing? If you like doing something it will be easy to do more of that thing and provide yourself with more material for your blog.
  2. What are other people blogging about? Do your research and think carefully about choosing a blogging niche in an already saturated market (see a niche within a niche below).
  3. Realistically how much time will you be able to give to your blog? By choosing a blogging niche that fits into your busy schedule, you will give yourself far more chance of success. If you choose, say, Travel to China, and can only go to China once very two years, you may struggle with your blogging.

Consider a niche within a blogging niche

If you really want to write about a topic that is already well covered by the blogging community, do some careful research and work out what sub-topics those people are writing, and maybe more importantly, are not writing about. If you can pick a niche within a niche that is new, exciting and without too much competition, you will have far more chance of standing out amongst the crowd. For instance, there are lots of bloggers writing about health and fitness but maybe not so many about health and fitness whilst travelling (and maybe even fewer about upside down beach exercises for health and fitness whilst travelling!)

Ignore all the above blogging niche advice

Life and careers don’t always follow a set plan and sometimes you can start a venture without even considering where it might take you. If you are a planner, the advice contained in points 1 and 2 will help you consider and refine your blogging niche options. If you are more of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type of person, you might find that the ‘see where it takes me’ approach to blogging works best for you. The great news is that blogging has become a niche of its own, once you have perfected your art as a blogger, why not do a bit of meta-blogging (as in metacognition rather than meta tags) and teach other people how to do it?

It seems to be working for me!

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