National Get Outside Day writing tips – how to enjoy the outdoors and improve your writing

Tomorrow is National Get Outside Day, which means that I won’t be sitting at my desk or even typing, digital nomad style, in my camper van. Tomorrow I will be out and about with Two Blondes Walking, enjoying the outdoors and getting a bit of inspiration for my outdoor writing. Most of us have experienced the clearer-head feeling that goes with being outside but the great outdoors can go even further than that to encourage, energise and enhance our writing. We have three tips about how to get outside and improve your outdoor writing:

  1. Have a digital-free get outside day

The demands on modern writers, especially copywriters are many. The latest information, brand new ‘secret’ locations and bespoke images are often required by editors, and almost always involve having your day outside interrupted by digital technology. However those of us who have tried digital time out can report that creativity usually flows better when it isn’t being confined by the need to capture THAT IMAGE or rush towards THAT DEADLINE. Give digital-free a try and you will be amazed by how much writing you can do in your head or, failing that, a notebook.

2. Visit first, research later

This one sends even me into a panic but visiting an outdoor environment before you have read about its ‘best views’, ‘suggested walks’ and ‘must do activities’ is just like meeting a complete stranger. You are free to form your own opinion and, maybe more importantly for a writer, ask your own questions. With so much repeated information available online, the very best way to write an original piece with a unique angle is to let your mind wander along its own imaginative routes.

3. Make yourself comfortable

None of us work well when we are physically uncomfortable. Your writing isn’t enhanced when you sit shivering at your desk or forget to have lunch, and the same applies when you are outdoors. Take enough warm and waterproof clothing, snacks and warm drinks to allow you sit or stroll with your thoughts for as long as you need to. You might also like to consider packing something to sit on, some form of shelter (a tarp or storm shelter) and a waterproof notebook.

How you choose to get outside is entirely up to you but we recommend trying a range of outdoor activities at different times of the year to find out which has the most positive impact on your writing. Whether you are writing about the outdoors or not, being outside can be truly inspirational, and make a significant difference to the results you see when you put finger to keyboard. Tomorrow is National Get Outside Day, we can’t think of a better day to get yourself out there and find out how being outside can help you improve your writing.

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