Black Friday: Fan or foe?

You have to feel sorry for Black Friday… He isn’t currently getting much encouragement. From boycott-threatening social media posts to Which’s announcement that Black Friday bargains aren’t all they claim to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a rebranding for 2020. Perhaps Sangria Saturday or Seafoam Sunday (I really must stop reading paint charts).

Black Friday vocabulary

Whether you enjoy bargain hunting or not, Black Friday clearly needs some help. Perhaps with his own set of Brexit-style vocabulary…

  • Bliday (well we didn’t think ‘Brexit’ would catch on)
  • Article AZY496T (also useful as a warehouse picking number)
  • No Deal (you know its not a bargain but buy anyway)
  • Transgression Period (that period of post-purchase regret)
  • Backspot (any item you spot online and buy without understanding why)
  • Hard Black Friday (any unplanned spend over £500)
  • Soft Black Friday (a discounted purchase of a planned item)
  • People’s Friday (when there is such a thing as a free lunch for all shoppers)
  • Leaver (manages to leave a website without making a purchase)
  • Remainer (stays online all day and forgets all purchase details)

Black Friday fairness

In the interests of fairness we hope you find what you are looking for today. Whether it be relaxation from the absence of purchase pressure or a dopamine-loaded buzz from successful bargain hunting. Happy Black Friday… Normal colours will be resumed shortly.

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