How to manage a general erection

Happy erection day. If you are feeling at all anxious about where to go with your erection, how to deal with erection tension or how to handle your erection decisions, we have some last-minute advice for you.

 Be sure you are eligible for an erection

Not everybody can be part of the erection experience. If you are too young, aren’t registered at a UK address or haven’t signed up for an erection, you won’t be able to join in today’s fun.

Find out where your pole station is

A pole station is where you make that important mark on the sheet so make sure you know where yours is and how long it will take you to get there.

Check the weather forecast

It has been scientifically proven that cold weather can have an impact on erection behaviour so, before you set off to the pole station, we recommend you check the weather forecast and wrap up accordingly.

Try to avoid withdrawal

Whilst withdrawal is a relatively unreliable method of dealing with erection mistakes, it might be the best option available if you end up in the wrong pole station.

Have an erection party

Upon your return from the pole station, you might feel a touch deflated. If this happens consider holding an erection party and inviting a few friends.

You would be surprised how easy it is to let spelling mistakes and typos slip through your safety net.

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