The Corona Diaries (3rd April)

On the topic of hair

I shaved my legs today. A momentous occasion brought about by the realisation that the hair on them had finally become long enough to view from outside my 2-metre exclusion zone. Not that I am likely to see anyone but I once got caught out by breaking an unshaven leg. The resulting sight, after six weeks in plaster, was not pleasing. I wonder if you could grow your leg hair to exactly two metres, it might help with social distance measuring.

Corona diary updates

  • I intended to wash my hair today as well as shave my legs (well it is Friday) but somewhere between dusting the bannisters and eating porridge, I managed to forget to remember the shampoo
  • I am secretly enjoying watching my grey roots appear. Is it my imagination or is it making my eyes look bluer?
  • Mr D. and I walked to the local shops, I hadn’t seen a shop for two weeks
  • To avoid argument, he chose the route there and I chose the route home
  • His route turned out to be far more fun than mine
  • His route also turned out to be far more far than mine
  • His route was so far I had to wee behind a bush on the way
  • Nobody saw me weeing behind the bush because nobody was there
  • There were considerably more dogs shopping than people
  • We bought an eclectic collection of goods that included olives, noodles, anchovies and pigs liver
  • I don’t think you can put noodles or anchovies in pate but olives might be tasty
  • I was pleased to notice the ‘no loading’ yellow pavement lines being put to good use as ‘stand here and wait’ points for the Coop
  • We spotted three people (I know… three people) getting out of the same taxi
  • My recent musings have reminded me that I once studied ‘Waiting for Godot’ in French and English at the same time
  • The French for ‘Waiting for Godot’ is ‘En attendant Godot’
  • I had no idea before today that it was originally written in French

ESTRAGON: I can’t go on like this.
VLADIMIR: That’s what you think.

  • The French for mixed peel is peau melange but there wasn’t any of that at the shop today
  • This is probably just as well because peau also means skin, which really wouldn’t be suitable in today’s grocery climate

Conversation of the day

Me: The good thing about having grey roots is that my stay-at-home suntan shows up better

Son: What’s the female equivalent of a silver fox?

Hubbie: A silver vixen?

(Trying harder)

Hubbie: Or a silver minx?

Me: An old hag…

Word of the day – Field Hospital

Okay so strictly speaking that is two words but ‘field hospital’ is an interesting expression for a hospital in the middle of London. An empty hospital waiting for 4,000 very ill people is a sobering enough sight even without the below definition.

‘A temporary hospital set up near a battlefield to provide emergency care for the wounded.’

I wondered if it had been called ‘Nightingale’ hospital because of its proximity to Berkley Square (where hopefully nightingales will be singing again soon) but a quick map check showed this isn’t the case. The quote below is attributed to Florence Nightingale. It may serve us all well in the weeks ahead.

How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.

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