Fiona’s Corona Diaries (6th April)

Today I had some work

As a freelancer I am well used to the boom or bust side of self employed life. This hasn’t stopped me worrying about losing work during the current crisis (a few of my clients are currently struggling themselves). All of which means I was more than a touch relieved when the call to typing action came on Friday. Here are today’s Corona Diary updates…

Corona diary updates

  • I have worked all day
  • I feel as guilty saying that as I do about telling people I can walk to the beach from home
  • Mr D and I need to develop a lunchtime protocol
  • We have separate bedroom offices but not separate bedrooms
  • Being a lone freelancer, I am no longer very good at having work companions
  • This means that I don’t really understand lunchtime arrangements
  • Today I thought we were stopping for lunch at 13:00 but waited for a knock on the door
  • Mr D thought we were stopping for lunch at 13:00 as well but didn’t want to disturb me
  • I was quite hungry by 14:00 but enjoyed lunch in the campervan (outside the house)
  • Working all day is currently a cause for celebration
  • Today I was pleased to celebrate because I have been a tad weepy
  • Even the Queen made me cry
  • I am sure that wasn’t her intention

Conversation of the day

In my greenhouse…

Borage Johnson (coughing): Hello your Majesty

The Queen: Hello Borage. How are you feeling today?

Borage Johnson (sweating): A bit under the weather but determined to save the NHS and help lives

The Queen: Well best keep your distance. We’ll meet again. Goodbye.

Word of the day – Message

Yesterday the Queen delivered a message to the nation. For my family in New Zealand, I am sure she meant to include you too. It was a stirring and emotional speech with a clear message. I half expected her to burst into, ‘We’re all in this together’ but overall, I think I prefer that Vera Lynn finale.

The word ‘message’ has many meanings but I think we will avoid the Urban Dictionary’s one that involves leaving a personal deposit somewhere you shouldn’t.

Mercury was a messenger. In this strange and rather unwelcome modern day, Mercury would be perhaps be the god of Facebook, big supermarkets and Amazon. Supposedly fleet-footed, Mercury is also sometimes depicted as holding a purse. A bit like Facebook, big supermarkets and Amazon I suppose.


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