The final push? Ten of the best ideas for local lockdown exploration

Local outdoor exploration has been on the uptake since the first lockdown in March 2020. We now all know, and appreciate our local areas. This doesn’t mean of course that we aren’t all longing for the opportunity to explore further afield but that time isn’t quite with us yet.

With the prospect of ‘somewhere else’ just around the calendar corner, these last few weeks of ‘stay local’ restrictions, might perhaps be the most tricky. To keep us all outside as spring unfolds, I’ve done some research and put together ten of the most interesting and creative ideas to help us get outside and explore locally for this final lockdown push.

  1. Go on a cloud spotting walk (take a cloud spotters guide and your glasses)
  2. Learn to identify your local bird song (take an audio guide and your ears)
  3. Take part in a bit of tree science (take the Treezilla app and a tape measure)
  4. Get arty with some bark rubbing (take paper and crayons)
  5. Walk on a compass bearing (take a compass and a map)
  6. Discover all your local footpaths (take a map and comfy shoes)
  7. Try your hand at local geocaching (take your phone)
  8. Find your local letterboxes (take the post)
  9. Do a bit of outdoor spring cleaning (take gloves and a bag)
  10. Join the Ministry of Silly Walks (take the mickey)

Fiona’s Corona Diaries (27th April)

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