Fed up with Christmas adverts? We have a new game for you!

Warm, athletic, slush-proof.

The words above landed in my in-box yesterday, and were written to advertise winter boots. Nothing new there, and in truth, the boots did look very tempting but they also suggested to me a rather fun Christmas game that can be played online or gathered together.

My Christmas game – ‘All I want for Christmas’

Cue Mariah!

The game is based around words you might choose when searching for the perfect life partner. There has, of course, been some ‘research’ conducted on this matter. Below are a few of the most commonly used words used in online dating profiles.

Confident, sexy (surely not?), intelligent, affectionate, beard

If I hooked up with someone giving this description online (unlikely because I am happily married), my prediction would be:

  • Gender: male
  • Lives: Bristol
  • Drinks: flat white
  • Hobbies: cycling and smashing avocados

However, substitute the words from our winter boots advert, and you have a very different description.

Warm, athletic, slush-proof

Now there’s a chap I could get to know (although I am partial to a beard, especially a slush-proof one!)

But what about this Christmas game?

The game is based on the idea that by extracting words from a range of Christmas adverts, you can find the words to describe your ideal life partner.

  1. Get a group of friends together (virtually or actually)
  2. Don’t tell them yet what the game is about
  3. Send each friend a link to a Christmas shop (or give them a magazine)
  4. Ask them to pick a favourite item and three-word description
  5. Explain that they have just written a description for their perfect partner

Confused? Here are a few examples to help.

All you need to do is decide whether or not you would date this guy (or girl). As you can see below people come in all shapes and sizes.

Whole, cured, rope-hung (maybe) – M&S smoked salmon

Contoured, magical, sweat-resistant (no thanks) – Apple AirPods

Casual, comfortable, reflective (boring)– Nike running shoes

Fast, steel, micro (depends) – Batman vs Superman Scalextric

Minimal, contemporary, grey (perhaps) – Next sofa

Dense, breathable, stretchy (maybe not) – Alpkit walking trousers

I tell you. Hours and hours of fun, and you’ll never look at all those incoming adds in the same way again!


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