Two Blondes Walking Christmas Quiz – Answers

If you haven’t worked it out yet, like all good super heroes, I have a double identity. Not only am I Fi Darby, outdoor writer extraordinaire, I’m also Blonde Two of the (slightly) famous blogging duo, Two Blondes Walking.

Each Christmas we Blondes set up a Dartmoor quiz or fun activity. This year the questions appeared (in pictorial form) on the Two Blondes Walking blog, on Christmas Eve.

If you haven’t seen the quiz yet, this is your opportunity. Just click through here BEFORE you look at the answers below.


But first, here’s the Dartmoor unicorn. Have you spotted him yet?


Dartmoor quiz location number one…

Black Dunghill, SX581775. One point for the name, another for the ford on the River Walkham to the north west.

Dartmoor location two…

Eastern White Barrow, SX665652. One point for the name, another for knowing that the Avon Dam is probably also going to be on this walk.

Dartmoor location three…

Frenchbeer Rock, SX671854. One point for the name, another if you worked out it is 387 metres above sea level.

Dartmoor location four…

Rugglestone Rock. One point for the name, another if you’ve checked out the pie menu at the wonderful Rugglestone Inn. I can definitely recommend the steak and stilton pie!

Dartmoor location five…

Piles Copse. One point for the name (and my sympathies if you are suffering), another if you’ve spotted The Dungeon nearby.

How did you do?

10 points – You’ve arrived at your destination

5-9 points – You’re nearly there

1-4 points – Time to learn some map skills

0 points – Best head for the nearest Dartmoor pub

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