Gear review – Isobaa’s Isosoft merino blend top

Isobaa asked me to review some of their merino gear in exchange for the items reviewed. I was more than pleased to say ‘yes’!

What do you wear in bed?

It’s a bit of a cheeky question isn’t it. But the question I really meant to ask was this one.

What do you wear in bed when you’re camping?

Which is just as cheeky but super important because, for all kinds of reasons, choosing the right bedwear to sleep in at camp is important.

  • The right camping pyjamas will help you keep warm
  • They might also help you keep cool
  • They will definitely keep you comfortable
  • And they won’t smell after just a couple of nights

But when you’re an outdoor leader, in charge of teams of youngsters, you need to be suitably dressed to emerge, fully formed and ready for action from your tent at a moment’s notice.

So what you really need are camping pyjama alternatives

Night time emergencies can (and do) happen. When they do, they rarely leave time for getting dressed.

Which is how I once found myself in the middle of Dartmoor standing in my knickers and vest top, shouting at a fox.

That was a long time ago now and almost certainly the last time I selected inappropriate sleep clothing on an outing with youngsters.

Leggings and t-shirts make far more sensible camp bedwear

But they aren’t always as warm as I would like.

Or as cool.

In fact leggings and t-shirts, although suitably modest and sensible for possibly emergencies, often aren’t the right temperature for comfy camp sleeps.

But merino wool can keep you warm and cool

Which is why I was super chuffed when Isobaa offered me the opportunity to try their 100% merino lounge pants and a t-shirt in their new Isosoft merino/recycled Polyester.

Three nights, mixed weather, fragrant pits

The midges had me heading to my tent quite early on all three nights so I had plenty of opportunity to savour my new bedtime outfit. We had one sticky warm night and a couple of cooler ones and the merino performed well in all of them.

Those of you who work outdoors with youngsters will know there isn’t always time (or even a location) for showering, and that gear that gets smelly once is usually left at home the next time.

I’m pleased to announce that the no-smell magic of merino still works, even when it is blended with a synthetic fibre. Even better than that, the blend has produced a fabric that’s not quite as see-through as merino alone, making it much more wearable in all kinds of situations.

Even ones that involve teenagers.

No emergencies to declare

Luckily we didn’t have any emergencies but, with the swift addition of my bra, I emerged early from my tent each day still cosy in my PJs to stride confidently across the field (and down the track) to the loo.

That makes me one very happy merino gear reviewer!


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