Car park closures. Protecting the environment or reducing access?

Countryside car parks.

What do they mean to you?

  • The starting point for your favourite walk?
  • A lovely picnic spot?
  • A place to launch your kayak?
  • A means of exploring?
  • The start of an adventure?
  • A scenic coffee stop?
  • A place to overnight in your van?
  • Somewhere to play music and relax?
  • A location for litter and fly tipping?

Quite possible all of the above but it’s the bottom three that are often given as reasons for closing car parks that have previously given so much pleasure. I can vouch for the issues near some of the closures but have also seen evidence that closures don’t always deal with the problems, they often transfer them somewhere else.

Somewhere that perhaps won’t affect a particular land owner.

Car park closures have significant impact

If Dartmoor National Park is anything to go by, car park closures are gathering pace. Locked gates and giant stones are appearing all over the place.

And they’re restricting our access to the few areas of England where we are allowed to freely wander.

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