Fiona’s Corona Diaries (6th April)

Today I had some work

As a freelancer I am well used to the boom or bust side of self employed life. This hasn’t stopped me worrying about losing work during the current crisis (a few of my clients are currently struggling themselves). All of which means I was more than a touch relieved when the call to typing action came on Friday. Here are today’s Corona Diary updates…

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (1st April)

Once-a-day walking

Another day in paradise (thanks Phil). Before I start, please can I check; it is Wednesday isn’t it? Today I made a discovery I should have made years ago. I can walk to the beach from my front door. For a keen walker this is a serious confession but every morning for the last three years I have driven to the sea, had my chilly swim, then driven home again. The irony hasn’t escaped me that it has taken a restriction on time outside to make me want to abandon the car. Twenty minutes down the hill, thirty minutes back up and approximately six minutes in the water (well it’s only just April). Here are today’s Corona Diaries updates…

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Fiona’s Corona Diaries (31st March)

Before I start I would like to point out that my use of my ‘telling off’ name  above doesn’t not give anybody (apart from my mother of course) liberty to call me anything other than Fi. It is unfortunate (unless I am writing limericks) to have a name that rhymes with a deadly killer virus but that’s life, and at least my name isn’t Dovid.

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